For thousands of centuries the delicate fabric of time remained tightly woven together forming one unified dimension. An unknown cosmic event took place on a blockchain destroying the fabric of time. This created ten thousand alternate timelines spawning 10,000 variations of beings that existed prior to the cosmic event. These duplicate beings are known as Time Variants. A new variant arrives from one of many unknown dimensions. Each variant strives to become a rare, more unique version of its previous self.


No two Variants are the same! AI generated images ensure your Time Variant is unique


While every Time Variant is as awesome as the next, some are more rare than others


The rarity of your Time Variant is determined by its traits. There are over 200 traits available

10,000 Time variant NFTS will be randomly Generated. Minting starts september 26th

240 traits in 10 categories which amounts to thousands of variations. On top of singular traits, the collection relies on set mechanics for an extra layer of rarity

rarity is split across 5 rankings. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare & Legendary

TIME VARIANTS WILL BE SOLD for a limited time for 0.05 ETH PER NFT

-FILE storage-
We use IPFS STORAGE, Your Time Variant will exist forever
When you join Time Variants, you aren't just getting an awesome NFT image. You are investing into something that will give back to you long term. We will create a community token which gives holders 10% of the ETH royalties earned from Time Variant trades on Opensea! You'll also have the opportunity to win NFT and ETH airdrops frequently.

COMPLETED ◉ Launch the Time Variant’s collection on Opensea and a Minting Dapp on the website.

◉ 1% sold Marketing Campaign to help the community grow.

◉ 5% sold Buyers of the first 500 take part in 10 Time Variant NFT Air Drop.

◉ 10% Sold Advertising Campaign to build a stronger community.

◉ 20% sold Rarity Sniper Listing. Rarity Tools Listing. 1 ETH Air Drop to 4 Time Variant Holders

◉ 40% Sold Air Drop to 10 Time Variant Holders. A Community wallet becomes unlocked with 5 ETH.

◉ 60% sold We will create a community token which gives holders 10% of the ETH royalties earned from Time Variant trades on Opensea! The Community wallet filled with 5 ETH. A Community Air Drop to 20 Holders.

◉ 80% sold Community wallet filled with 5 ETH. Time Variants Merch creation along with a giveaway.

◉ 90% sold Air Drop to 20 Time Variant Holders. Community wallet filled with 10 ETH.

◉ 100% sold Mission accomplished! 5 ETH raffle split amongst 5 holders among all Time Variant holders. The community wallet will be filled with 10 ETH.

it is up to you, the community to decide the future of Time Variants! We will get this collection in circulation together! Thank you all for helping us build. (edited)
SiTE Updates

-Rarity Chart

-Minting App

-Discord Sale Bot


-Rarity Tools

-Rarity Sniper

Community Giveaways

-Social media Giveaways on Twitter and Reddit